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Trust begins with security.  We know it's crucial and that's why we sweat the details.  We employ a transparent approach to cloud security so you can feel confident about choosing AgileCraft for your organization.  Our products are designed for optimal performance, high availability, privacy and compliance.

Platform Architecture
AgileCraft's standard SaaS offering utilizes a multi-tenant web and database architecture which is common practice for SaaS applications that run in a cloud environment. Tenants can access the application service and have full ownership of their data stored as part of the application, while being isolated from other tenants' data. We also provide a REST-based API to enable robust and secure integration with our business logic and data.
Team Tool Integration
With T-Rex, our Team Reconciliation and Extraction engine, AgileCraft pushes your strategy and data to tools like Jira, Rally, VSTS, VersionOne, and others, while aggregating and normalizing data to manage the big picture. T-Rex is an agentless solution that synchs via secure API calls.
AgileCraft scales effortlessly due to a clean web application and database design that minimizes overhead to deliver a high-performance data-access pattern. AgileCraft performs regular scalability testing with large data sets to minimize risk for our customers.
AgileCraft is designed to operate with a range of cloud vendors to provide maximum flexibility for our customers based on their existing relationships or business requirements:
Implementation Options

  • Amazon Web Services
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a geographically distributed solution to host VMs that leverage the latest fault tolerances, performance enhancements, and security.
User authentication via SSO/SAML is self-managed via our set of open APIs.

Connectivity to team tools is managed via a set of pre-built configuration options within AgileCraft. There is no need to build or customize an integration to any third-party tools.

For our customers that require an on-premise solution, that option is available, allowing you to install, host, and maintain the AgileCraft platform in your own data center behind your firewall.
Our cloud providers utilize the latest industry standards to implement the highest levels of physical, network, server, and application security. We provide data redundancy measures and stringent information security policies to ensure the integrity of your data.
Physical security
The data centers we leverage are fully SOC 2 certified for physical security and infrastructure fault tolerance.
Data security
We provide the option to encrypt data at rest for the customer specific data as an additional option for purchase. This is available with cloud vendor key management options.
Internal Network Traffic
All traffic is sent via encrypted communication, and firewall ports are limited between all devices.
External Network Traffic
Users must access the platform via SSL/TLS and an authenticated user account; we integrate with third-party tools via mutual TLS certificate managed communication, and all email traffic is SSL/TLS encrypted.
Single Sign On
SAML protocol streamlines user authentication/authorization; we support Active Directory Federation Services, CA SiteMinder, and more. This engineering work is available for an additional fee.
AgileCraft is constantly improving our solution to meet our customers' compliance needs. Some of these requirements drive improvements for every user of our SaaS offering. For our strictest compliance needs the servers and data storage can be isolated to dedicated virtual machines at an additional cost for hosting. For example, our HIPAA customers help us raise the bar to TLS 1.2 encryption at every tier of communication.
Denial of Service
We leverage a leading web application firewall and content-delivery network service to prevent DDOS.
Intrusion Detection
Both internal and external network traffic are scanned and protected with intrusion detection services as an additional option for purchase.
Our security policy includes daily port scans, system and application log analysis, virus and malware scans, and automated application and OS updates. Out of these options, log analysis is an additional option for purchase.
Backup and Failover
AgileCraft automatically maintains encrypted offsite storage of data backups, validated monthly.
Software Engineering
AgileCraft, as a company, is a continuous-delivery software engineering organization with automated unit API, and acceptance testing. Our solution integrates GitHub directly to a CI build engine in the cloud. We provide automated bi-weekly updates to all our SaaS customers during pre-arranged maintenance windows, keeping your organization up to date with the latest features and benefits of AgileCraft.

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