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Know why your work matters

Teams are the foundation of Agile, yet frequently can't identify how their work relates to company strategy and the overall big picture. This can make them feel like second-class citizens instead of embracing the massive value they provide. Teams need to be empowered with the ability to execute work at the most granular level with the full confidence that the work they're doing maps directly to the most important strategic initiatives of the company. AgileCraft enables teams to make those connections transparently through an expertly designed, powerful set of features.

Awesome Team Rooms

Everyone needs a place for their stuff. The team room is the home base for delivery teams, providing the right view of information they need to execute, plan, and track work at any level.

Not only is it where they can identify impediments and dependencies, it's a place they can always go to ensure that all work is 100% aligned with the strategic big picture.

Key Metrics and Burnup Charts

The sprint metrics and team burnup / burndown reports help illuminate your sprint performance across numerous teams connected to a given PI or release with easy-to-understand guidance.

Metrics such as velocity, story splits, team emotions, sprint goals, and burndowns help the team understand how their performance measures against plan.

Automatic Kanban Boards

Teams are more in control when they can visualize the flow of work through the system in Kanban boards. This is especially helpful if a Kanban capability is built-in automatically.

Teams can use AgileCraft to confidently ensure that Work In Progress (WIP) is limited, and the system matches its capacity. For even more clarity at the Team level, boards can be customized to reflect the way the team wants to phase their work.


Teams love getting recognition for meeting goals through good, hard work, and this is a big factor in creating a strong, heathy team culture. Who doesn't need a shout out from time to time?

AgileCraft's Awards module facilitates teams in building an organizational environment filled with enthusiasm, accountability, and motivation.

Mobile AI

Everyone has mobile but AgileCraft's mobile device is built to tell you what you really need to know when you need to know it. Think of it as your intelligent sprint assistant.

Today's teams need the flexibility to do their best work at the right time and never miss critical program activities. AgileCraft's mobile application aids the team in taking control of their time so they can stay constantly connected during important times, having the assurance that mobile notifications will keep them on top of progress.

Live Meetings / Ceremonies

Standups, planning meetings, and retrospectives are foundational ceremonies that are critical but these sessions can easily lose their utility if not run properly.

AgileCraft will help you take control of your meeting effectiveness by tracking actions and summaries, so teams are always clear on how the outcomes impact them.

Teams are so important they use AgileCraft for free!

At AgileCraft, we know that delivery teams are such a fundamental part of every organization that we need to solidly provision our customers to position them at the core of every implementation. To facilitate this, teams can use AgileCraft completely free of charge.
Free? Really?
Yes, really.
Just so we're clear, what are Team Users?
Team users are the contributors who only use the AgileCraft Team User module features or use another Team-level tool such as Jira or TFS to manage and track their day-to-day work, with AgileCraft synchronizing at the Program, Portfolio, and Enterprise levels.
What specific services do we really get for free with this offer?
Not only do you get use of the AgileCraft Team User module features and access to a third-party team tool of your choice (Jira, TFS, etc.), but you get access to the following services:

  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Platform and API access
  • Mobile app
  • Slack integration
Any special conditions?
Free team seats are limited to 4 per single paid license. So, if you have 5 paid AgileCraft licenses, you'll be allowed 20 free team seats. The minimum annual purchase is $15,000.
That's a great deal! How do I find out more?
Visit our pricing page for more information on the package that's right for you, and what's included with each. If you're ready to get started, contact us today.

Switching Tools?

We can help you move your data and get you going quickly and easily.

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