Customer Success

Our Secret Weapon is experience earned in the field

The AgileCraft Difference

Our team of Agile experts and thought leaders will help leverage the AgileCraft platform and guide you along your path to enterprise agility. Our Enterprise Solution Architects not only have experience with agility at scale but have coached and led transformations of their own.

Our Approach

We will partner with you and your teams to align the AgileCraft platform around your enterprise goals and Agile journey. Additionally, we know it's not always easy to identify how a platform can provide value throughout your enterprise. With our vast experience enabling enterprise agility, your AgileCraft success team will identify key areas where our solution can provide immediate impact and design a path forward for continuous improvement.

Training and Enablement

We understand people learn differently, and our training, enablement, and in-product assistance allow you to learn and continue to learn the way that best suites you. Our training team will provide role-based classroom education while our ongoing success teams will be there to support you while you continue to learn. With our vast in-product context-sensitive help cards, there will always be material ready when you need it. To supplement your learning, we offer in-product checklists and videos that will guide you through key workflows.

In addition to all the AgileCraft lead training, we also offer a train-the-trainer model where we will partner with your internal training staff to allow you to scale your AgileCraft platform throughout your enterprise.


1.  Demonstrate It

We continually strive to provide you with opportunities to celebrate the benefits you are realizing as you roll out your AgileCraft solution. Our team is here to help you quantify your experience and demonstrate it throughout your enterprise.

2.  Scale It

Now that you are up and running on the AgileCraft platform and realizing the value you have gained, our Success team will continue to provide the support and guidance along your AgileCraft journey. As you expand your enterprise agility, we will be right by your side to adapt your solution to your needs.

3.  Support It

Our Support team is focused on your success; we are ready to help you with any problems or questions that you may have via our Support portal or Community forums.

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