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The Lean Product Organization

AgileCraft Professional is for product-focused teams taking their Lean/Agile practices to the next level.  After teams become predictable with quality, the next step is to enable a deep customer-centric approach.  With Professional, program managers, product managers and release train engineers get what they need to empower their teams to deliver the right things quickly and respond to market change.


While it's great when programs and release trains start humming and product teams start delivering, but there comes a point where transformation needs to go up a notch to create a truly lean, product-focused organization. In the AgileCraft Professional package, you'll get a set of fundamental features that brings teams together to start working smoothly at the Program level. Get better visibility into financials at the epic level and learn how they relate to delivery. Unlock, capture, and never lose innovation with business canvases, Lean UX, mindmaps, and ideation tools.

We understand what a value-driven organization needs. When multiple programs or release trains exist in an organization, you need to ensure that you have visibility into the work that is delivered and can confidently communicate that the right things are being built for your customers. No matter what you've encountered in your transformation into a product-driven company, AgileCraft has a solution for your most challenging obstacles.
Communicate roadmaps with visual clarity and cross functional alignment

We can't line up strategy with execution, so we are never certain if teams are delivering what the business needs most based off recent results data...

Roadmaps enable product managers to create and communicate a shared vision for what the organization will build over time and connect that vision to the actual work the engineering teams are doing. Customers will love getting customized roadmaps for briefings that give them unprecedented visibility in to your plans. And, you will love never having to manually update roadmaps in presentations or spreadsheets, nor present an out-of-date roadmap again.

Capture the creative power of a fully empowered lean organization

There's no way for us to effectively shepherd innovation into the backlog and roadmap to ensure we maintain our competitive edge...

Capture the big value using interactive backlogs with ideation portals, mind maps, vision maps, and business canvases. Quickly build backlogs of epics, features, and stories in easily-to-generate mind maps and vision maps so that ideas are never lost. Keep stakeholders and executives informed on the key strategic elements of your business strategy with ease and precision. Compact, easy-to-read, graphical formats make visualizing ideas easy and straightforward.

Take advantage of cross-team reports that are always live and in real-time

We are only equipped to create static roadmaps with a short shelf life so I can't communicate plans or status with confidence...

When you have reports floating around in spreadsheets, there is never certainty that the news is accurate or up to date. When your data is centralized from the team level to the product level, you will always know what's happening, up to the minute , and what to expect.

Come together in the product room to collaborate on the big picture

Teams have traditionally been focused on sprint work with no way to see the big picture, so hitting quarterly goals is tricky...

The product room is your command center for ensuring the right thing is getting done. This is where you manage the entire product planning and execution flow, including actions, impediments, dependencies, and objectives. Product managers plan, manage, and report on work in a unified view that the team can observe and monitor, keeping them engaged in the bigger picture.

Use powerful forecasting to achieve a good value to capacity fit

It's difficult to figure out what our true capacity is so that we can commit to realistic timelines and objectives...

The goal of forecasting is to allocate epics, stand-alone features, or capabilities among teams and achieve a good fit within the release.  The forecasting tool will help you allocate epics, stand-alone features among teams and achieve a good plan for each release. Forecast the probability of a successful release. View the current release forecast to compare the size of the backlog with the release date.

Gain the insights to optimize spending against delivery on demand

Our programs can't find a simple and efficient way to accurately track and quantify the value captured versus the dollars spent to date...

With epic financials, program managers can gain the insights to track spending against delivery. As programs mature, it becomes important to be able to report delivery against what's being spent. It's also important to know what is going to be spent in the future, so we get you started tracking spending at the epic level. This allows you to calculate the cost and budget of the entire epic, and even assess the epic's exposure to risk.

Build Products That People Love
Advanced Roadmaps

Visualize and communicate a shared vision for what is built over time and connect that vision to work being done.

Value Engineering

Place better bets by measuring the real time cost versus value across work, programs and products.

Epic Financials

Calculate the cost and budget of the entire epic, and assess the epic's exposure to risk factors.


Define the core direction and vision of your product or organization in a simple, graphical format.


Create business personas and get visibility into what's planned and what's delivered for customers.

Lean UX / UI

Stakeholders vote on the design of a lean use case tied to personas and experience maps.

Business Canvas

Lay out the key elements of your business strategy and define what will make your product successful.


Define, gather, and analyze intelligence about your competitors and their products.

Ideation Portal

Enable community collaboration and automatically convert the best ideas into backlog items.

Mind Maps

Quickly build backlogs of epics, features, and stories in an easy-to-brainstorm mind map.

Program Room

Manage the program or release planning and execution workflow through a set of dashboards in a central location.


Allocate epics, features, or capabilities among teams and achieve a good fit within the release.

Story Maps

Organize your product backlog and frame the user journey as it is tied to execution.


Refine strategy, allocate budget to investment themes, manage program funding, and assess budget vs. value.

Transformation Mgmt.

Drive and measure the effectiveness of your agile and / or digital transformation.

Advanced Kanban

Visualize the work flowing through the system with custom swim lanes, cards and flows for a full custom experience.

Professional Reports

Observe detailed trends for products and programs driving better customer satisfaction and planning predictability.

Transform Faster Get started with a Pro
For organizations scaling agile with a product / customer-centric focus

is the approximate price per month for an agile program / release train with 100 people
  •   Advanced Roadmapping
  •   Advanced Kanban
  •   Epic Financials
  •   Value Engineering
  •   Visioning
  •   Personas
  •   Lean UX / UI
  •   Lean Canvas
  •   Competitors
  •   Enhancement Management
  •   Ideation Platform
  •   Mind Maps
  •   Program Level Meetings
  •   Forecasting
  •   Transformation Management
  •   Story & Mind Maps
  •   Professional Reporting Pack
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