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Each paid seat of AgileCraft gives team users and customers access to the platform for free

Business Strategy
Connect your strategic portfolio to your customers and key business stakeholders.
Unlimted customer ideation seats
Unlimited stakeholder roadmap views
Value Results
Unlimited value measurements
UX Feedback
Unlimited experience & design feedback
Includes 4 free AgileCraft team seats
Team Seats
Includes 4 free Jira connected team seats
Value Results
Includes 4 free TFS or other connected seats
Team Execution
Continous flow of priority (with the why) to the teams & real-time status to the portfolio.
Value Bundle

Detailed Comparison

Big or small, we've made enterprise agility accessible to all

Starting at $69/month
per scaled agile user
EULA cloud only
team users free
billed annually
Starting at $99/month
per scaled agile user
AC cloud contract
team users free
billed annually
Starting at $129/month
per scaled agile user
AC cloud contract
team users free
billed annually

AgileCraft Essentials

  •   Roadmaps
  •   Kanban
  •   Risks
  •   Objectives
  •   Dependences
  •   Program Board
  •   Work Tree
  •   Links
  •   Dependency Maps
  •   Essentials Reports Pack
  •   Value Engineering
  •   Epic Financials
  •   Visioning
  •   Personas
  •   Lean UX/UI
  •   Lean Canvas
  •   Competitors
  •   Enhancement Portal
  •   Ideation
  •   Mind Maps
  •   Program Meetings
  •   Advanced Kanban
  •   Advanced Forecasting
  •   Advanced Roadmaps
  •   Transformation Mgmt.
  •   Link Maps
  •   Story Maps
  •   Pro Report Pack
  •   Portfolio Balancing
  •   Epic Balancing
  •   Value Streams
  •   Enterprise Budgets
  •   Portfolio Financials
  •   Portfolio Meetings
  •   Enterprise Budgeting
  •   Success Criteria
  •   Earned Value
  •   Portfolio WIP
  •   Invest Horizons
  •   Strategy Meetings
  •   Monte Carlo Simulations
  •   Bottom Up Forecasting
  •   Advanced Analytics
  •   Org Reporting
  •   Performance Mgmt.
  •   Resource Mgmt.
  •   Skills Mgmt.
  •   Enterprise Report Pack

  •   Defects
  •   Tasks
  •   Stories
  •   Features
  •   Epics
  •   Themes
  •   Capabilities
  •   Goals
  •   Strategies

  •   Teams
  •   Program Increments
  •   Releases
  •   Products
  •   Org Structures

  •   Team Rooms
  •   Program Rooms
  •   Product Rooms
  •   Portfolio Rooms
  •   Strategy Rooms

  •   Automated Checklists
  •   Embedded Training Videos
  •   Definition of Done
  •   Team Coaching Reports
  •   Maturity Assessments
  •   Results Trending


Customize and enhance your plan with additional features.


Contact us for enterprise pricing if you need 1,000 total seats or more.
These basic estimates assume a 1 to 4 ratio of free to paid seats.
Current selection:    20 paid users
80 free users
100 total users

See price breakdown
Estimated Monthly Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my package level?
Yes.  At any time, you can upgrade all of your user licenses to the next package level and simply pay the pro-rated difference for the remainder of your current term.
Is there any cost to go on premise?
We add an additional 20% to the fee for on-premise deployment due to the time and complexity required to support and troubleshoot custom environments.
Is there a minimum initial purchase?
Yes.  Our minimum purchase is $15,000 per year to begin the journey.  To be successful we need at least one group of teams to start scaling.  You may refer to this as a program, train or tribe and the numbers tend to range from 100 to 125 people working together at scale. 
Can I mix licenses at different levels?
We do not support a mix of Essentials, Professional and Enterprise licenses. All licenses in your organization must be at the same package level.
Do I need to buy onboarding services?
We strongly recommend all new AgileCraft customers purchase a small set of basic configuration and training services to get started on the right foot. Scaling Agile is about much more than just using our software, and our seasoned team of industry veterans will set you up for success quickly and hassle free.
Do I need to buy additional connectors?
Probably not, though it will depend on how many team tool instances you need to connect with. The first AgileCraft connector, such as Jira or TFS, is free. If you have multiple instances installed, each additional connector includes a small yearly fee. The current additional connector fee is listed in the Add-Ons section above in the pricing calculator.
Do I need to pay for a year up-front?
All AgileCraft contracts are billed annually by default. Scaling Agile and transforming your team is no small feat, and we've learned from our customers that committing to a least a full year of using AgileCraft to support your transformation makes teams more successful in the long run.
What is the ratio of free to paid seats?
For every paid license, we provide four team seats free of charge. These are users that either only leverage the team features in AgileCraft, or do most of their work in a third-party team tool such as Jira, Rally, TFS, etc. This applies to each package level.  
Can we customize the contract?
Essentials:  Essentials customers buy AgileCraft using our standard EULA agreement much like Atlassian, Slack, or any other SaaS product. 

Professional:  We offer a EULA approach for this package as well, however, you can choose to use our standard software agreement with Professional.  

Enterprise:  At the Enterprise level we offer three options that include the EULA, our standard contract, or a custom contract. Custom contracting involves additional costs for both parties. That said, we do understand this may be required for highly regulated industries and will work with you to meet your needs when purchasing Enterprise. 

What about customer support?
All AgileCraft customers, regardless of package level or license type, have access to our highly dedicated Customer Support team via email or phone for standard support is 9AM ET - 7 PM ET.  Ask us about additional options for customers who need 24/7 and off-hour support.  We also offer an online Help Center that delivers an extensive, thorough, and continually updated knowledge base, as well as vibrant community channels that facilitate questions and answers about AgileCraft. (Note: link to portal).

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