Kanban Project Management

Originally developed as a method for improving manufacturing efficiency, Kanban was born in the automotive industry of Japan and takes its name from the cards that visually track production within a factory. Kanban quickly became an effective project management tool to support running any production system, and an excellent way to promote improvement by highlighting problem areas through measuring lead time and cycle time of a full process and process steps. With a focus on continual delivery and managing work in progress (WIP), Kanban is based on 3 primary principles:

   •  Visualize the flow of work through the system; insight is gained by seeing all items in context to each other
   •  Manage WIP to balance the workflow; make sure teams are not overloaded and bottlenecks are quickly removed
   •  Prioritize the backlog of work; as something is finished, pull the next highest priority from the backlog into play

With AgileCraft's Kanban module, organizations have a complete system for regulating the sequence of work and visualizing a workflow. Lean processes and the use of Kanban to support lean teams is threaded through every level of AgileCraft; including both standard Kanban that support aggregation and rollup of metrics from teams using multiple tools / processes, and custom Kanban boards that gives teams at all levels the ability to manage flow in the way that best works for them.

AgileCraft excels at every aspect of Kanban and can set up every team for success. Teams can establish and drive process governance through WIP limit constraints and custom swimlane flows to ensure controlled demand intake and throughput efficiency. They can access key dashboards and Lean metrics reports that audit the flow of work through the system. You'll enjoy heat map card indicators that show items that need high attention, are at risk, bottlenecks so that you can act quickly. And, you'll be able to define process steps and map them to your value stream so that you can track progress holistically across the lifecycle.

Kanban is one of the most flexible and transparent approaches to implementing agile at the team level. It's easy for leaders to see at a glance what's in backlog, what's in progress, what's blocked, and what is ready to be released. AgileCraft takes the ease of Kanban and connects that transparency to the program and beyond. To see Kanban in action as part of AgileCraft, click the button below to get started.

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