3 Easy Steps To Accelerate Enterprise Agility

Improve your ability to learn and adapt so you can innovate like never before

Enterprise Agility Is Closer Than You Think

After two decades of learning how to build software with agile, the way we do agile in large enterprises still feels painful. Tools and processes are still too disparate. Insights still arrive too slowly. Collaboration is still inefficient. That is, until now. With AgileCraft you can put the right information, at the right time, into the hands of the people that use it to collaborate and make decisions.

First, make all work visible

Think about all the data you rely on for development decisions. Now think about where it comes from. What if data from all those sources was automatically pulled into one location, in real-time? AgileCraft makes that a reality. With AgileCraft, you can finally obtain team-level and organizational agility. Drive continuous process improvement through continuous connection among your quality, strategy, or dev-ops tools.

Make Work Visible

Get Aligned

Second, get everyone aligned across data silos

AgileCraft makes it easy to see the information you want, how and when you want it. Anyone from the CEO to a tester can discover, roll-up, visualize, and present data from multiple sources. Whether you're an executive weighing one investment versus another or a program manager looking to optimize development capacity, the information you need is at your fingertips.

Third, empower everyone to make better decisions with a Connected Enterprise

In many enterprises, critical data often becomes available too late to be acted upon. Retrospectives are good, but getting risk and performance data after the fact simply isn't good enough. We are specifically designed to enable decision makers to act.

Our mission is to simplify software scale to help everyone in your organization, from non-technical business leaders to deeply technical engineers, to make better decisions during the development cycle.

Make better decisions with a Connected Enterprise

The Connected Enterprise

Regardless of which level you choose you will own the power of a connected enterprise

For organizations launching agile programs / release trains across teams

is the approximate price per month for an agile program / release train with 100 people
  •   Basic Roadmaps
  •   Basic Kanban
  •   Dependency Maps
  •   Objectives
  •   Dependences
  •   Program Board
  •   Work Tree
  •   Program Increments
  •   Risks
  •   Process Steps
  •   Links
  •   Standard Reporting Pack
For organizations ready to link strategy to execution in a lean enterprise

is the approximate price per month for an agile program / release train with 100 people
  •   Portfolio Balancing
  •   Epic Balancing
  •   Skills Management
  •   Resource Management
  •   Enterprise Budgets
  •   Performance Management
  •   Organizational Reporting
  •   Advanced Analytics
  •   Portfolio Meetings
  •   Portfolio Financials
  •   Strategy Tree
  •   Success Criteria
  •   Earned Value
  •   Portfolio WIP
  •   Invest Horizons
  •   Strategy Meetings
  •   Monte Carlo Simulations
  •   Bottom Up Forecasting
  •   Investment Distribution Analysis
  •   Value Streams
  •   Enterprise Reporting Pack
  •   ... and More

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Software without silos enables end to end visibility
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