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Perfecting the Agile Enterprise

AgileCraft Enterprise is for advanced organizations committed to transformation.  Once programs are delivering products with quality and predictability, it's time to take agility to the next level and ensure that what is being built always aligns to strategy.  With Enterprise, transformations accelerate because everyone from the C-suite to the delivery teams have the visibility and common purpose to complete the journey successfully


A fully realized enterprise level transformation involves everyone from the CIO to the program manager to the delivery team. This means top to bottom alignment and agreement on the commitment to transformation. As your company aligns in practice, AgileCraft Enterprise will be able to help you make and meet program, schedule, and budgetary commitments, internally and externally, with confidence. Portfolio managers will love the big picture visibility and the ability to track financials, resource allocation and progress across strategic snapshots. The C-suite will love the ability to link strategy to execution and model your work items all the way up to the executive layer.

AgileCraft helps the enterprise transform at scale to its full, true potential Many transforming organizations, as they mature and change to meet market demand, suffer from a loss of visibility into their own processes that lead to breakdowns in maintaining connection and delivering value from the highest to the lowest levels. AgileCraft has helped many enterprise customers through their most difficult periods of transformation, and has solutions at every level that can help you stop common problems before they happen.
Track financials, resource allocation and progress across strategies

Programs are focused on program execution with no way to see the strategic big picture, so execution work doesn't directly link to the strategy...

The portfolio room serves as the hub for portfolio managers to track financials, manage resources, and track the execution of work across all teams in their portfolio. Portfolio managers can coordinate a united plan across the organization to ensure budgets, roadmaps and objectives are aligned. Resources can be planned dynamically, and the progress of business initiatives can be viewed across portfolios.

Map strategy to execution and model work up to the C-suite

Strategy is our map to success, yet we have no way to make sure our goals and execution are in sync across all lines of the business...

The Strategy Room provides a quick summary of the mission, vision, and values tied to a specific strategic snapshot. Here, C-suite execs can visualize together a hierarchical view of your strategy management as well as define the organizational mission, vision and values for complete top to bottom alignment. This allows you to coordinate planning and execution of work with both short and long-term views.

Report on investment performance and plan delivery with confidence

We need full budgetary clarity on how we deliver value against spend at the portfolio level, and that massively complex today...

Portfolio managers can communicate to the CFO with certainty and ease about the programs the teams are delivering against, and map their work back to strategic investment themes. With all your portfolio data in one place, you can set and report on budgets across planning increments and epics, and get instant insight into variances from planning to execution. Easily visualize how planned versus actual allocations break down for each program, team and team member within a portfolio.

Use value streams to fix bottlenecks and optimize value throughput

As we continue to scale and expand our practices, we have started to lose alignment and consistency across the business...

Value Streams can be used to ensure that programs and teams in their purview are adhering to optimal lean-agile principles set forth at the strategy level, so that executives and the transformation office are confident that the delivery team is aligned with the business. You can add steps to value streams and create notifications when work items reach certain parts of the process.

Make work visible in real-time across all teams, products and programs

We need live visibility of what is being learned in the team tools to ensure we have the right information to make good decisions...

Our T-Rex technology enables full integration up to the enterprise level with all the most popular team level tools such as Jira, VersionOne, etc. T-Rex allows you to break apart the work in AgileCraft, distribute and maintain it across all your other team tool vendors. Data is synchronized bi-directionally, and is rolled up for greater portfolio visibility into the big picture from delivery team to CIO.

Go to one place to optimize your end-to-end strategic operations

Until now, we have only been equipped to create static reports that are inaccurate within hours. We spend way too much time making stale reports...

When you have reports floating around in spreadsheets, there is never certainty that the news is accurate or up to date. AgileCraft reports have been centralized to allow you to quickly and easily search, explore and understand your metrics in the context of every role. Reports are automated so that they can be configured to send to your execs with consistency, regularity and ease of use.

Value Driven Agility Is Here
Portfolio & Epic Balancing

Construct a non-financial, strategic value analysis of epics and portfolios by comparing effort, strategic value, strategic drivers, and ability to execute.

Portfolio Financials

Refine business strategy, allocate budget to strategic investment themes, manage program funding, and assess target spending vs. value.

Portfolio Meetings

Coordinate a united plan in the portfolio Room: the hub for tracking financials, managing resources, and the execution of work across all teams in your portfolio.

Resource Management

Learn the capacity and load of teams from an epic and theme level, and monitor allocations to ensure efficient distribution of labor.

Enterprise Budgets

Formulate target and actuals variance from planning to execution, and report on budgets across PIs and epics.

Performance Management

Build and monitor team performance in the Team Room, as well as with team awards, Kanban boards, and drillable sprint metrics.

Strategy Tree / Pyramid

Apply strategic snapshots to ensure the company mission, vision, and values are tied to specific work items in short or long-term views.

Success Criteria

Enforce quality standards with clearly defined success criteria for epics, features, and stories across teams, programs, and portfolios.

Investment Distribution

View the PI allocation and the actual spend per strategic theme mapped to delivery team results.

Portfolio WIP

Track how much work is in progress at the theme, epic, capability, feature, and story levels by release, program, team, and release vehicle.

Monte Carlo Simulations

See all possible outcomes of your decisions and assess the impact of risk, allowing for better decision making under uncertainty.

Bottom Up Forecasting

Allocate epics, features, or capabilities among teams and fit the right amount of work in the release.

Earned Value

With clear metrics, forecast the expected cost to complete a program and the total expected cost of a program based on past performance.

Investment Horizons

Plan strategically for each investment horizon with clear reports demonstrating what you budgeted versus what you spent.

Strategy Meetings

Use the Strategy Room for meetings that connect strategy to execution and model your work items all the way up to the executive layer.

Value Streams

Visualize the work flowing through the system by value stream to identify and remove bottlenecks for maximum throughput.

Enterprise Reports

Observe your entire strategic and operational enterprise from top to bottom and side to side across people, work and time.

Play It Big Discover the full power of agility across the enterprise
For organizations ready to link strategy to execution in a lean enterprise

is the approximate price per month for an agile program / release train with 100 people
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  •   Epic Balancing
  •   Skills Management
  •   Resource Management
  •   Enterprise Budgets
  •   Performance Management
  •   Organizational Reporting
  •   Advanced Analytics
  •   Portfolio Meetings
  •   Portfolio Financials
  •   Strategy Tree
  •   Success Criteria
  •   Earned Value
  •   Portfolio WIP
  •   Invest Horizons
  •   Strategy Meetings
  •   Monte Carlo Simulations
  •   Bottom Up Forecasting
  •   Investment Distribution Analysis
  •   Value Streams
  •   Enterprise Reporting Pack
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