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Connect AgileCraft with the tools you already have in place or add new ones and instantly extend your powerful Agile-scaling arsenal. T-REX is a sophisticated engine that enables teams to leverage popular team tools with the power to scale and still talk apples to apples at the other layer of scale.

Built-in tools to drive consistent usage
Find data gaps & resolve orphans
Bi-Directional Sync
Data Model Intelligence

Team Tools
CI Build, Source Code, Defect Management, Test Management, Service Desk

Enterprise DevOps Visibility

Drive world class delivery automation with roll-ups to any level of work item.

Continuous Integration

Identify and address conflicts and problems earlier by connecting to some of the most popular continuous integration tools.

Source Code Management

Improve quality, accelerate the development cycle, and reduce unknowns with integration to software configuration management tools.

Test Management

Manage requirements, test-case repositories and test software execution with full integration to your team tools.

Defect Management

Defect Management tools allow users to focus on the accelerate the speed of identifying, tracking, reporting, and resolving defects.

Service Desk

Service Desk tools allow reporting on critical needs, and use the information to prioritize enhancement and bug fixes in the backlog.

Requirements Management

AgileCraft handles all types of requirements by design. When necessary, benefit from AgileCraft BI to keep everything in sync.

Switching Tools?

We can help you move your data and get you going quickly and easily.

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