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Our Story

In 2007, the Agile tools market was purely focused on team level execution. A bright team of software developers teamed up with a senior technology executive who believed in Agile and what it stands for. They set off to develop a broad agile-management platform to help harmonize Agile development by linking strategy to execution in real time. Over the years, the team leveraged this solution at several public and privately held companies, and as the user base and product lines grew in number and complexity, the product matured and scaled to meet their diverse needs. Fast forward to today and it's clear that this platform was ahead of its time but not by much. In the present day it is clear that companies desperately need better processes and platforms to scale their enterprises.

Our mission at AgileCraft is to Simplify Software at Scale by bringing your business and your software development organization together in one intuitive platform. From an executive trying to weigh one investment versus another to a program manager looking to optimize development capacity, AgileCraft has the expertise to help you scale up and improve software delivery because finding solutions through agility is what we were born do.

Powered By Ideals

We are relentless in the pursuit of awesomeness. Everything we do stands out. Our products, people, and work-life experience are 100% awesome because we never stop improving. Each of us has abundant passion, experience and creativity, so we seek out ideas that make a difference. We don't settle for anything less than excellence in every area of our company.
We are all about speed. Every person is adaptable to change and iteration. We become the best and maintain our lead by executing faster than others. Customers are amazed at our responsiveness and speed of innovation, and we act and react with relentless composure. We accept the side effects of moving fast and are confident in our ability to iterate meaningful solutions.
Making the complex seem simple requires design with intent. Good design means coalescing hundreds of details into a platform that is simple and beautiful. From the software we create, to the experience our customers have, AgileCraft strives for excellence in design and iterates relentlessly in order to achieve that ideal.
We focus on solving the most important problems at the right time. We are passionate about transforming how software is done with agile / lean. Validated learning with real-time measurement enables us to seek out and solve big challenges. We encourage everyone to create positive change by continually measuring improvement and rapidly driving change with lean as our guide.
We value humility and we love to win. We are relentlessly competitive, but driven to help our co-workers succeed by being thoughtfully candid, building trust, checking our egos at the door, and acting as one team. We have the self-awareness to admit when we're wrong and the courage to change. That is our formula for a great place to work.
We hire great people so our team has the confidence to do what they say. We give people the freedom and flexibility to achieve goals in their own way and we hold each other accountable. Each person acts like entrepreneurs to drive ideas forward and to truly be stakeholders. We come with solutions in hand when we identify issues; our people are the change they seek.
When we focus on the customer, everything else falls into place. We start with the customer experience and work back from there. Embracing the user first and striving for simplicity is the sure path to inspire and deliver great products. We build products and design experiences we would want for ourselves and we use our product to manage execution within the company.
Powered By People

Meet the team that makes AgileCraft possible, day in and day out. Our team is comprised of passionate entrepreneurs with proven track records of success and deep experience in building winning products that drive innovation. Customer delight is our aim in everything that we deliver.

Investors In Our Corner

Tim Arnoult


Tim has more than 30 years of experience in financial services and information technology. As a member of the executive management team at Bank of America, Arnoult was responsible for overseeing technology and operating services across the company. Prior to his retirement in 2006, he served as president of central U.S. consumer and commercial banking and president of private banking where he played an integral role in the complex mergers of Bank of America with NationsBank in 1998 and Fleet Boston in 2004. Arnoult served on the board of Visa ...

Jim Kelly


Prior to retiring in July 2014, Jim Kelly was the corporate strategy executive for Bank of America, responsible for a transformation program that reviewed all areas of the company for efficient and effective alignment to the company's customer centric strategy. Jim spent the majority of his 27-year career in various technology and software development management roles, including four years as the CIO for the global banking, capital markets, and wealth management businesses. With over 40,000 employees and contractors operating in 35 countries ...

Greg Stock


Greg is the CEO of Austin based Zenoss, a software company that focuses on solving the challenges of operating and assuring large-scale IT services. Greg brings more than 20 years of executive leadership with high-growth companies.. Prior to Zenoss, Greg served as Chairman and CEO of Vovici, transforming the company into the leading provider of Voice of the Customer (VoC) SaaS solutions. Under his leadership, Vovici experienced explosive growth and was acquired by Verint-Systems in July 2011. Before Vovici, Greg served as President ...

Hunter Nelson


Hunter is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Crane Nelson, a private equity firm focused on investments with enterprise values between $100-250 million located primarily in North America. Prior to forming Crane Nelson with Jim Crane, Hunter was a partner of The Sterling Group, a private equity company in Houston, where he remains an advisory partner. He joined Sterling in 1989 following the sale of Fiber Industries, where he had served as Vice President of Administration and General Counsel. He is currently on the board of Dexter Axle ...

Steve Elliott

CEO, Chairman

Steve is Chairman and CEO of AgileCraft. Steve founded AgileCraft in 2013 to help leaders excel in their management duties through the use of agile to transform the way they do business. He is passionate about finding ways to help organizations scale all aspects of business operations through the use of agility. Steve has been a senior executive in multiple startups including Vovici acquired by Verint-Systems, Approva acquired by Infor and Virsa acquired by SAP AG. He has lead several successful agile transformations including a large scale...

Rick Cobb

President, Director

Rick has 25 years of experience building innovative, high-growth software companies known for the quality of their employees and commitment to customer success. His background includes deep international expertise in commercial and government sales, customer support, professional services, business development and marketing as well as overall technology company operations. Throughout his career, Rick has worked extensively with venture capital, angel and strategic investors, built and managed boards of directors and engaged in M&A ...

Jim Crane

Board Advisor

James Robert "Jim" Crane is Chairman and CEO of Crane Capital Group, the majority shareholder and is the owner and Chairman of MLB team the Houston Astros. Crane Capital Group currently invests in transportation, power distribution, real estate and asset management. Its holdings include Crane Worldwide Logistics, a premier global provider of customized transportation and logistics services with 75 offices in 21 countries, and Champion Energy Services, a retail electricity provider. Previously, Jim was Founder, Chairman and CEO of Eagle Global Logistics, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed global transportation, supply chain management and information services company, from 1984 until its sale in August 2007. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Safety from Central Missouri State University and serves on the Board of Directors of Western Gas Holdings, LLC, a subsidiary of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. Jim is a financial supporter of The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and was ranked as the nation's top CEO golfer by Golf Digest in 2006.

Our Partners

We team with the leading transformation experts who specialize in scaling agility because we realize the expertise that our partners offer is a critical part of your success. By leveraging our global partners, AgileCraft is able to offer superior training, coaching and consulting services. Our partners ensure true alignment of your technology and process; which is a key to achieving agile at scale. At AgileCraft we understand that success at scale requires good process and great technology.


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