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The AgileCraft Approach to Business Intelligence

AgileCraft BI is focused on bringing you comprehensive, flexible business intelligence with unparalleled insights from team to portfolio. Modern Business Intelligence users want to interact with agile, intuitive systems to analyze data instantly and with full confidence in its accuracy--all in the face of a changing market. In the digital age, it's common for the data required to make fully informed business decisions to be kept in multiple repositories in multiple formats with multiple owners. This can confound and frustrate even the most formidable of Business Intelligence data wranglers when attempting to get the whole picture into a comprehensive format suitable for reporting at every level of scale.

Powerful program insights without complexity
AgileCraft knows the number one need for Business Intelligence users is to deliver accurate, up-to-date reporting, despite multiple data sources. That's why we developed Leo for you--a native Business Intelligence reporting solution that resolves many of the complexities of multi-source data.
Visualize with flexibility and inclusiveness
Using your own visualization solutions, such as Tableau or Spotfire, you can browse your AgileCraft data in one place to explore powerful new metrics, KPIs, and insights. You can also connect to with other data sources, such as Excel or other data warehouse applications in your organization, to create visualizations completely unique to stakeholder needs.
Access: Native connectivity supported by the leading visualization tools
Leo employs a Semantic Tabular Model built on Microsoft Analysis Services, which can be easily deployed in a SQL Server instance or the cloud, and simply integrated with many other tools.

  • Reporting is optimized with a modern, column-store, in-memory database
  • Connectivity is supported by all major Business Intelligence visualization solutions
  • Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, based on your security policies
  • Supports live data queries with DAX enabled solutions
Consistency: Simple, sustainable, powerful data model
With increasingly complex data, it's important to have a model that's sustainable and intuitive. AgileCraft builds data relationships into our model, enabling true drag-and-drop support.

  • Readable, intuitive, semantic layer provides a roadmap to your AgileCraft data
  • Clearly defined tables and columns with relationships keep it simple
  • User-friendly column names and descriptions remove friction
  • Pre-defined dimensions and measures allow easy report design
Control: Develop metrics, reporting, and insights based on your existing and future needs
Regardless of the data management landscape in your organization, the AgileCraft Business Intelligence API is ready to unify your data for reporting.

  • Supports row-level security as defined in AgileCraft
  • Enables users to perform ad-hoc queries and exploration in a supported and secure environment
It's time to get smarter about Business Intelligence data visualization
AgileCraft can help you bring all your program data together, visualizing in real time from team to portfolio, regardless of the data source, the trends and patterns you need to make successful business decisions. We want to help reduce the friction and struggle around generating the reports and metrics you need to keep your organization informed, up to date, and satisfied with the level of visibility at every level.

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