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The Complexity Gap

In the modern digital economy everyone is vulnerable to technology disruption.  Rapid software delivery with agile solves this challenge in startups and smaller companies, but what about larger firms who aspire to be every bit as quick and nimble?  Meet the complexity gap...

The Complexity Gap

Ten Ways To Spot The Complexity Gap

Work is very hard to prioritize across teams and products.
The business and technical teams get out of sync quickly.
Engineering hasn't been fully educated on why the work matters.
As scope changes, development is viewed as a black hole.
It's hard to take decisive action due to lack of visibility.
Agility stalls during the transformation and teams backslide.
There is no single source of truth so trust is elusive.
Data is not trusted across teams and roll-ups.
Critical collaboration occur in Excel, Email and Powerpoint.
Priorities shift, teams are re-deployed, and all hell breaks loose.


That's Why We Built AgileCraft

 We promote connected enterprises that can deal with rapid digital change by bringing together your business and technology operations in real time.  AgileCraft gives you one source of truth for progress, value delivery and customer feedback to keep you aligned for better outcomes.
Make All Work Visible
Make All Work Visible
Leverage our team roll-up technology to make all work visible across your enterprise in real time.
Get Everyone Aligned
Get Everyone Aligned
Quickly find consensus on scope, roadmaps and dependencies across teams and portfolios.
Optimize For Value
Use value engineering to rapidly drive value and accelerate your agile / digital strategy.


 Benefits Of A Connected Enterprise

Align The Enterprise


  • make all work visible
  • understand execution data
  • collaborate across teams
  • get aligned
Accelerate Enterprise Agility


  • use value driven backlogs
  • see real-time roadmaps
  • reduce dependencies
  • formalize flow
  • measure everything
Improve Business Operations


  • drive better quality
  • increase productivity
  • improve throughput
  • boost efficiency
  • improve engagement
Drive Business Outcomes


  • deliver value faster
  • speed concept to cash
  • gain market share
  • foster innovation
  • increase revenue
  • improve customer sat
  • reduce costs

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Software without silos enables end to end visibility
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