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Key Benefits
AI can enable leading enterprises to improve outcomes in three ways:
  • Sense and adapt to changes at the business level
  • Drive portfolios that can rapidly learn with better intelligence
  • Power engineering teams that deliver quality with predictability

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics to power unconventional insights, guiding business-critical decisions and planning.

AI Forecasting

Accurately create forecast estimates of future behavior as accessibly as historical data.

Live Business Analysis

360-degree view of the business to lead teams from insights to improve bottom-line results.

Feedback Loops

Automated and improved customer feedback loops to help decision makers maximize value delivery across the enterprise.

User Experience AI

Personalized user experience maps that can help predict and drive needs, behaviors, and future actions.

Big Room AI

Use voice and images to interact with AgileCraft in big-room planning. (e.g., take a picture of a whiteboard and turn it into a story).

Coaching AI

Automated behavior discovery to receive real-time coaching to improve quality and predictability.

Feature Discovery

Automated identification of tools, reports and capabilities in AgileCraft that you're not utilizing, but should be.

Competitive AI

Provide competitive analysis via summaries, as AgileCraft reads documents for you and summarizes the contents.

Quality AI

Measure organizational agility with advanced metrics; e.g., deviation from prescriptions and industry benchmarks.

Data Discovery

Automated data discovery to receive real-time alerts and notifications for significant changes, such as the detection of anomalies or new patterns in data.

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