Why AgileCraft?

We are the only platform purposefully built to scale agile.

Software is highly strategic to your business.

Software is key to powering your business. Today, software is increasingly how customers, partners and your own people engage your business. In fact to many, your software IS your business. Successful companies are thinking and acting differently when it comes to how they plan and deliver great software.

And in today's world, every industry is highly subject to technology disruption.

To deal with the frenetic pace of change, only a truly agile business is equipped. The use of agility to shorten cycle times and deliver more value to customers faster is the only way to stay ahead. Infusing agility into your organization involves linking strategy to execution and implementing an adaptable process flow.

So software agility is likely the solution to rapid change and disruption...but there is a catch.

The catch is, software at scale is complex and requires high levels of transparency. Each organization has a unique combination of tools, timelines, methodologies, levels of maturity and locations. Managing this complexity is nearly impossible.

Common challenges at scale

1. Prioritization of work at all levels is painful because organizational alignment is disjointed.
2. Once planning is complete, the business and technical teams quickly get out of synch.
3. Engineering suffers by not knowing "why" requests are important / relevant to the big picture.
4. When priorities shift, teams are re-deployed, and all hell breaks loose.
5. As scope and estimates change, development is viewed as a black hole by the business.
6. Decisive action is difficult without real-time visibility top to bottom, bottom to top and side to side.
7. The organization is not fully "agile" across engineering teams, let alone at the higher levels so agility stalls.
8. There is no single source of truth because tools are already in place and replacing tools is too disruptive.
9. Data from team tools is not trusted because teams plan, estimate and manage their work differently.
10. Critical planning and communication of future plans occurs in Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.
The solution...You need a highly-flexible, transparent and scalable software planning and delivery engine.

In order to scale with agile, you need a platform that provides strategic alignment and predictable delivery across your software development lifecycle. Enter AgileCraft...

The Solution For Scaling Agile To The Enterprise

AgileCraft is the first ever enterprise platform purposefully built for scaling agile to the enterprise. We help software organizations transform the way they collaboratively plan, deliver, measure and learn across their software development lifecycles. Built from the ground up to support agile software at scale, AgileCraft enables strategic software organizations to deliver revenue faster, improve operational efficiency, and decrease risk associated with large software development efforts. Whether you're using SAFe®, DAD, Less, or any other approach to scaling agile, AgileCraft allows everyone from the big-picture executive to the most detailed-oriented engineer to optimize software delivery and make better decisions.

AgileCraft is the only solution on the market to enable transparency and alignment across all levels of the organization including the enterprise, value stream, portfolio, program, and team levels. With AgileCraft, everyone knows exactly what is being built and why.
Team Friendly
Meet T-Rex, our Team Reconciliation and Extraction engine. Use AgileCraft at the team level, or have T-Rex push your strategy to tools like JIRA, Rally, TFS or VersionOne, then aggregate and normalize data back in AgileCraft to manage the big picture.
AgileCraft supports how you build software at your desired pace of transformation. Blend frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, hybrid, etc.), methods (SCRUM, LEAN, XP, Waterfall), cadences, estimation scales, roadmapping methods and budget cycles.
AgileCraft uses real-time data to enable strategic planning, analysis, forecasting and execution across all levels of scale so you get beyond basic insights and begin to use actionable analytics to drive better decision making.

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The Journey Ends With Success At Scale

1. Teams stay on track

Much of the friction in organizations is fear of the unknown. With AgileCraft teams can leverage their existing tools or migrate to different tools at a controlled pace to avoid disruption and reduce friction.

2. Better decisions

Leverage Real-time forecasting, top down budgeting, earned value and predictive analytics to drive better decisions. Daily work rolls up across all layers of your organization. All you need is AgileCraft.

3. Improved revenue / profits

With better product throughput via shorter cycle times at all four layers of scale, better value measurement and more efficient operations, the opportunity for increased revenue and profitability is at your doorstep.

4. Decreased spending

Organizations spend big money trying to get data from multiple systems in order to compile rolled-up reports by hand. Decrease costs significantly with an automated platform to harmonizes reporting at scale.

5. Strategic alignment

When your organization is aligned from boardroom to team room, everyone knows what they are working on and why it's important to the organization. Talk about driving motivation and results across your enterprise!

6. Reduced risk

Risk management and reduction involves seeing around the corners before it is too late so you can take evasive action. This requires predicative modeling, what-if analysis and high levels of transparency.

7. One source of truth

How do you know if the information you rely upon for governance and reporting is correct? When everyone can see the same information it's easy to see what's important. Stop guessing and start knowing.

8. Superior customer service

Enhanced transparency and predictable cycle times drive better customer service. Rapid decisions and response times across all layers of scale with a lean mindset are required for great customer service.

9. Empowered employees

Good decisions necessitate real time data. When everyone in your organization has the information they need, they become empowered to make the quick decisions necessary for their teams to thrive.

10. Relentless improvement

Drive a culture of relentless improvement into your organization with continual metrics that help to identify the next experiments aimed at optimizing software delivery and the continuous improvement approach.

And Know That You Are In Great Company

Find Out Why Gartner Says We Are Cool

"Cool Vendors research can help clients stay ahead of the IT technology curve, and make better strategic decisions about technology and services." Gartner has named AgileCraft a 2015 Cool Vendor in Application Development.

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