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    Play It Big
    Scaled Agile Management platform that enables organizations building
    software to better plan, deliver, measure, and learn.
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    Build It Better
    Use real-time data to enable and align strategic planning, analysis,
    forecasting and execution across portfolios, programs and teams.
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    Get In Sync
    With AgileCraft you can blend scaled methods like SAFE, LeSS, Nexus & Traditional
    with collaborative team methods like SCRUM, XP and Lean.
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    Keep It Simple
    AgileCraft enables teams to keep their existing tools like Jira, Rally, Version One, TFS, etc.
    while your portfolio and program teams leverage AgileCraft to manage the big picture.
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    Teams That Rock!
    If you are using legacy team tools and love them then we say great!
    However, if you need a team solution we can help you rock the house.

AgileCraft is the world's first scaled
agile management platform

AgileCraft brings your business and software development organizations together in one intuitive platform. Whether you're using SAFe®, Nexus, Less, or any other approach to scaling agile, AgileCraft allows everyone from the big-picture executive to the most detailed-oriented engineer to optimize software delivery and make better decisions.

AgileCraft is the only solution on the market to enable transparency and alignment across all levels of the organization including the enterprise, value stream, portfolio, program, and team levels. With AgileCraft, everyone knows exactly what is being built and why.
Team Friendly
Meet T-Rex, our Team Reconciliation and Extraction engine. Use AgileCraft at the team level, or have T-Rex push your strategy to tools like JIRA, Rally, TFS or VersionOne, then aggregate and normalize data back in AgileCraft to manage the big picture.
AgileCraft supports how you build software at your desired pace of transformation. Blend frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, etc.), methods (SCRUM, LEAN, XP, Traditional), cadences, estimation scales, roadmapping methods and budget cycles.
AgileCraft uses real-time data to enable strategic planning, analysis, forecasting and execution across all levels of scale so you get beyond basic insights and begin to use actionable analytics to drive better decision making.

Scaled Agile Management

Agile platform dashboard
A solution that will meet your needs

We recognize that a true Agile Management Platform needs to be flexible. Each organization has unique combinations of tools, timelines, cadences, development methods, levels of agile maturity and geographic locations. So whether you're an executive trying to weigh one investment versus another or a program manager looking to optimize development capacity, AgileCraft has the functionality and expertise to help you scale and improve software delivery.


Understand exactly why we are investing in each piece of technology and be aware of delivery risks with up-to-the-minute forecasts.


Define goals and strategic initiatives in-line with corporate strategy, and then align and report on those goals against actual work being done.


Get daily visibility into where dollars are being invested in engineering and a stronger understanding if projects are being correctly capitalized.

Portfolio Manager

Know exactly where delivery risks are, with up-to-the-minute forecasts that enable drill-down-analysis from high-level themes to user stories.


Keep everyone in synch at the team, program, and portfolio level on everything from corporate strategy to team-level execution.

Agile Program Manager

Be confident that the work you're asking your team to do is the most important contribution they can make to the company.

VP Product Management

Ensure that all stakeholders understand the reality of current development timelines to avoid unpleasant surprises late in the cycle.

VP Product Development

Produce stunningly visual product roadmaps with Real-Time drillable status reporting that can be taken directly to the executive suite.

Align Strategy to Execution

Define goals and strategic initiatives in line with corporate strategy and then align and report on those goals to the actual work being done.

Keep Everyone in Synch

Keep teams at peak productivity by harmonizing work streams and dependencies to drive a continuous stream of value.

Manage Delivery Risks

Know exactly where your delivery risks are with dependency management, risk analysis, and up-to-the-minute forecasts.

Build Stunning Roadmaps

Produce stunningly visual product roadmaps with progress to date that you can take directly to the executives and delivery teams.

Real Time Forecasts

Connect the reality of your development forecast to the aspirations of your product roadmap through up-to-the-minute forecasts.

Investment Value Analysis

Define high level investment themes and track spending and capitalization against those themes down to the user story level.

De-Tangle Dependencies

Don't projects get derailed by the missed, un-planned, or poorly coordinated dependences and get insight on how to elimiate them.

Scaled Agile Analytics

Leverage real-time data and powerful analytics at the program, portfolio, and enterprise level to achieve even greater organizational return.

Enterprise Governance

Gain full governance of work being done anywhere including distributed teams, contractors, or use a variety of tracking tools.

Everything Transparent

Get full top-to-bottom visibility across every team, release, and feature regardless of location, development methodology or tool.

Inspire the Team

Ensure everyone in your organization knows why the work they're doing is important and how their work impacts the overall strategy.

Keep Agile Fun

We provide gamification, innovation rooms, story mapping, information radiators, badging and more to help you build something great.

Large Scale Scrum LeSS
LeanKanban Enterprise Services Planning
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AgileCraft is the only platform that lets you mix and match different development methods. One portfolio running agile and one using a customized version of SAFe?  We have you covered.

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More connectors

These are just a few of the data sources that AgileCraft connects to natively, so you can spend less time tracking down information and more time making decisions and driving results.

Introducing AgileCraft 10X

AgileCraft 10X reveal

The most powerful scaled agile platform just became the easiest to use

Introducing AgileCraft 10X. Speed value delivery with fully aligned organizations across every level of scale. Accelerate agile transformations by providing scaled agile practitioners the tools, processes and education they need at the moment they need it most. Improve organizational alignment through a unified platform spanning product, portfolio and development organizations. Make better decisions with access to real-time, predictive metrics at every level of scale.

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Our Promise

We selected the name AgileCraft because we believe in agility and craftsmanship. We actively drive both into everything we do. Our passion at AgileCraft is solving the complexity of scale with rich features and visual analytics that drive action from the boardroom to the team room.

Our promise to you is, we will give you the absolute best platform to enable and manage your software development lifecycle. We promise to provide the functionality and expertise you need to more effectively link your business to your software process, build better products and achieve superior results. We are convinced that amazing customer service is not possible without high levels of agility, so we additionally promise to set a new, higher standard of rapid response and close collaboration with our customers. Our number one goal is to ensure that our customers are highly successful, delighted in fact. We simply will not rest until our customers have successfully scaled agile to their enterprise.

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More About Us        
scaled agile gold partner
Looking for Scaled Agile Framework?

AgileCraft is the only Agile management product on the market designed from the ground up to support the SAFe framework at the team, program, value stream, portfolio and enterprise levels.  Only AgileCraft has end to end support for 4.5.

Red Herring 2017 Global Winner
AgileCraft Named Red Herring 2017 Top 100 Global Winner

AgileCraft is proud to selected as a Red Herring Top 100 Global award winner, an award that recognizes leading companies from North America, Europe, and Asia, celebrating these startups' innovations and technologies across their respective industries.

Top Strategic Platform in Portfolio Management
AgileCraft Named Top Strategic Platform in Portfolio Management by Forrester

AgileCraft has been named as a Strong Performer in the Forrester Research, Inc. September 2017 report, The Forrester Wave: Strategic Portfolio Management Tools, Q3 2017. The report evaluated 13 vendors based on 27 criteria, including current offering, strategy and market presence. AgileCraft was ranked highest of all participating vendors in the strategy category. The strategy category included product strategy, corporate strategy, partner ecosystem, go-to-market strategy and entry price.

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What's Love Got To Do With Great Software At Scale?
You Might Be Surprised...
Fall In Love
Gartner 2015 cool vendor
Gartner names AgileCraft a Cool Vendor in Application Development.

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