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AgileCraft was
built from the top down to support enterprise agile at scale.  Everyone from engineers to executives can use AgileCraft to optimize software delivery.

Play It Big

Use real-time data
to enable and align
strategic planning, analysis, forecasting and execution across portfolios, programs and teams.

Build It Better

With AgileCraft you
can blend collaborative team methods like SCRUM, XP and LEAN and scaled methods like SAFE, DAD & Waterfall.

Get In Sync

AgileCraft allows
you to keep tools like Atlassian, Rally, etc. for teams, build tools like Jenkins, test tools like QC and then leverage us to manage the big picture.

Keep It Open

Agile should be fun.
We provide gamification, innovation rooms, story mapping, information radiators, badging and live brainstorming to help you build something great.

Wow The Crowd

We make enterprise scalability, visibility and collaboration easy for large organizations.

Most of what's out there for scaled agile is hard to learn, painful to configure and clumsy to use.  We believe scaling agile will be easier to accomplish with a platform specifically built for large scale operations.  Our customers agree and we think that you will too.

The AgileCraft platform can combine multiple team methods like Scrum, Lean, XP and hybrids under multiple methods of scale like SAFE, DAD and RUP.  The days of changing your process to conform to tools is over.
AgileCraft enables tradeoffs between portfolios, products and themes in terms of value delivery, dollars, cost of delay and risk.  To truly scale up, backlogs must be managed to limit work in process and optimize dependencies.
Our team level solution is best of class but we do realize that some have already invested in tools.  We say no problem! AgileCraft simply integrates with your tools to provide enterprise program and portfolio management.
We build our solutions to be adaptive, intelligent and clever.  Our goal is to get you off and running with a small amount of custom fields, custom configuration and custom reporting.  We think you get the idea.

Interested in SAFe? Scaled Agile Framework ®
AgileCraft is the only Agile management product on the market designed from the ground up
to support the SAFe framework at the team, program, and portfolio levels.

To learn more about AgileCraft and the Scaled Agile Framework, click here.

How To Scale
Have you noticed that companies with more than four or five teams or with multiple product lines struggle with Agile? The inability of an organization to scale its processes and technology will almost assuredly lead to disappointing results. To learn more about some of the keys to scaling agile click on the bubbles below.

Game Changing Features
Game Changing Platform
For organizations to realize the full promise of Agile, we believe that all "four levels of scale" need to embrace agile principles. Enterprise, Portfolio, Program and Team levels need to be aligned. Critical information must flow effortlessly up and down and side to side in real time, providing transparency and eliminating uncertainty. While many organizations successfully leverage agile at the team level, they often struggle to power the entire process with agile flow. To scale agile across your enterprise a platform that can address all levels of scale is required. AgileCraft was built to solve this challenge.


AgileCraft Works With What You Have
If you need a mature suite to manage your entire Agile process from soup to nuts, you came to the right place. If you just need portfolio and program management to work with your existing Agile products, then you still came to the right place. AgileCraft is designed to be a hosted application, however, the product can also be deployed in your environment.
We provide a scalable platform that is designed to help you deploy quickly regardless of the tools in your current landscape. We provide flexible APIs so that AgileCraft is able to connect with common systems like HP Quality Center or even API enabled homegrown systems.


AgileCraft's Enterprise module provides a light-weight agile process to help organizations align business goals and balance risk in order to select projects that will deliver the most value with the best probability of success. With the new Enterprise Strategy module, strategy teams document their plans from mission, vision and values down through to goals, strategy and tactics. Next enterprise demand vs capacity can be visualized, analyzed and optimized to get a full view of business needs and to prioritize against goals and resource constraints. This top-down planning ensures that tactical project work is well aligned with the strategic business goals and eliminates unnecessary projects and investments.

With agile the need to adapt rapidly to changes in business objectives and resource fluctuations is critical. AgileCraft's strategic planning snapshots help to maximize the efficiency of resource planning and ensure the best use of resources with highest-value return for the business. As the resource mix, risk posture, budget and strategy evolves, everyone from the executive to the developer can stay informed of the current priorities as well as the status of all projects in process.


Scaled Agile Framework
The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a proven knowledge base for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. The publicly available framework was created by Dean Leffingwell.

The framework's stated purpose is to 1) enhance the competitiveness, productivity, and delivered software quality of the software industry worldwide, 2) to help provide the business benefits of agile development to all software teams and to 3) increase motivation, empowerment, enjoyment and humanity to software development practitioners everywhere.  If you are new to the framework click the image to the right to visit the Scaled Agile Framework homepage.  

If you work with the Scaled Agile Framework, then we can help. AgileCraft is specifically designed to help you succeed with SAFe. Some of the SAFe specific capabilities include:
 Portfolio Management Features   AgileCraft
       Value Stream Management for Epics  
       Portfolio Team Alignment Meetings  
       Fact Based Metrics (M1 - M8)  
       Enterprise Balanced Scorecards  
       Architecture Epics  
       Epic Spanning  
       Epic Owner Reporting  
       Epic Success Criteria Tracking  
       Investment Themes (Percentage Based)  
       Horizon Based Investing  
       Flow Visualization for Epics  
       Portfolio Visioning  
       WSJF Epic Prioritization  
       Built In WIP Tracking  
       Facilitated I&A for the Portfolio  
       Enterprise Forecasting  
       Extensive Rollup Reporting at All Three Levels  
       Strategy Mapping  
       PMO Roll-Up Reporting  
       Portfolio Teams  

 Program Management Features AgileCraft
       SAFe Roadmapping with Stretch Objectives  
       Program Visioning  
       Program Teams  
       Program Team Alignment Meetings  
       Value Stream Management for Features  
       System Teams  
       Architecture Features  
       Risk ROAMing  
       RTE Role Enforcement  
       NFR Support  
       Responsibility Matrix  
       Facilitated I&A For The Program  
       Objectives Management  
       Feature Fit Management  
       WSJF Feature Prioritization  
       Synchronized Release Trains  
       PSI / Release Separation  
       Support for Normalized Velocity  
       Strong Dependency Management (Team Level)  
       Regression Roll-Up Management  
       Release Management Tools By Program  
       Program Backlog with Parking Lot  
       Interactive Team of Teams Meetings  
       Integrated Program Assessments  

 Team Management Features AgileCraft
       Team Backlog with Parking Lot  
       HIP Sprint Support  
       Built In DBT Discipline Tracking  
       Real Time Backlog Brainstorming  
       Auto-Pilot Meetings  
       Integrated Team Assessments  
       Retro Action Tracking  
       Team Level Dependency Management  

 More Cool Stuff AgileCraft
       System-wide Gamification  
       Team and Individual Badging  
       Live Team Rooms  
       Social Interactions  
       Open Forums  
       Real Time Radiators  
       Easy Discussions  
       Multiple Feature Inputs  
       Visual Story Mapping  
       Automated Coaching  
       Process Guidance  
       Online Estimation Games  
       Interactive Retrospectives  

If you are new to SAFe and would like to get your team certified we can help. We have SAFe Certified Program Consultants that have a deep understanding of SAFe and we have a network of partners that can train and certify your team as SAFe Agilists / SAFe Practitioners for the best price around.


What if We DON'T USE SAFE?
No Problem!  Our platform is designed to support hybrids of not only SAFe but also Large Scale Scrum (LSS), Enterprise Scrum, DAD, RUP, Waterfall and custom hybrids.  We provide the broadest list of capabilities that you can mix and match at all levels of scale to match your process within each of your divisions and teams.  If you are embracing Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) drop us a line. AgileCraft is currently conducting market research to further explore this framework within large organizations.  



Our Story
In 2007, the Agile tools market was just starting to form. A bright team of software developers who love Agile and what it stands for decided to start developing a broad agile-management platform to help harmonize Agile development. Over the years, the team leveraged this solution at several public and privately held companies, and as the user base and product lines grew in number and complexity, the product matured and scaled to meet their diverse needs.

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Fast forward to today and it's clear that many companies need better processes and platforms to scale their enterprises. AgileCraft is uniquely designed to do just that and our people are extremely passionate about making our customers successful. We are doing what we love and our mission is scaling agile to the enterprise. Finding solutions through agility is what we do.

Leadership Team

AgileCraft's leadership team is comprised of passionate entrepreneurs with proven track records of success. The team brings deep experience in building winning products and driving innovation. Customer delight is our aim in everything that we deliver.
  • Steve Elliott
    Steve Elliott
    Founder and CEO
    (Click & Scroll)
  • Rick Cobb
    Rick Cobb
    President and
  • Maggie Bullington
    Maggie Bullington
    VP Customer
  • Jeff Skelly
    Jeff Skelly
    VP Sales
  • Will Nelson
    Will Nelson
    VP Sales
    North America
  • Mike Depaoli
    Mike Depaoli
    VP Solutions
  • Shak Patel
    Shak Patel
    VP Engineering
    and Co-Founder
  • Larry Maccherone
    Larry Maccherone
    Director of Analytics & Research
  • Scott Blacker
    Scott Blacker
    VP Products
Board Of Directors
Steve Elliott
Steve is Chairman and CEO of AgileCraft. Steve founded AgileCraft in 2013 to help leaders excel in their management duties through the use of agile to transform the way they do business. He is passionate about finding ways to help organizations scale all aspects of business operations through the use of agility. Steve has been a senior executive in multiple startups including Vovici acquired by Verint-Systems, Approva acquired by Infor and Virsa acquired by SAP AG. He has lead several successful agile transformations including a large scale 50+ agile team with 12 release trains at a large public company. Steve began his career at PwC as a security and controls expert. Steve holds a Bachelors of Computer Science from West Texas A&M University, a Masters of Business from Texas Tech and is a graduate of the Executive Management Program at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Business in Chicago.
Tim Arnoult
Tim has more than 30 years of experience in financial services and information technology. As a member of the executive management team at Bank of America, Arnoult was responsible for overseeing technology and operating services across the company. Prior to his retirement in 2006, he served as president of central U.S. consumer and commercial banking and president of private banking where he played an integral role in the complex mergers of Bank of America with NationsBank in 1998 and Fleet Boston in 2004. Arnoult served on the board of Visa prior to it becoming a public company and currently sits on the boards of two public companies, Cardtronics, Inc. and Stellus Capital and Investment Management. Tim holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Business Administration degree from The University of Texas at Austin.
Jim W. Kelly
Prior to retiring in July 2014, Jim Kelly was the corporate strategy executive for Bank of America, responsible for a transformation program that reviewed all areas of the company for efficient and effective alignment to the company's customer centric strategy. Jim spent the majority of his 27-year career in various technology and software development management roles, including four years as the CIO for the global banking, capital markets, and wealth management businesses. With over 40,000 employees and contractors operating in 35 countries and an expense budget of $7.1 billion; the group was responsible for delivering end-to-end technology and operations support to the bank's commercial banking, corporate and investment banking, wealth management, and global markets businesses. Before joining Bank of America, he spent seven years with Babcock & Wilcox as an engineer and program manager in their Naval Nuclear Fuel and Defense Products Divisions. Jim earned his bachelor's degree in physics from Hampden Sydney College and his MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia. He previously served on the Advisory Board of the Philip O. Berry Academy of Technology and on the UNC Charlotte College of Information Technology Board of Advisors.
Greg Stock
Greg is the CEO of Austin based Zenoss, a software company that focuses on solving the challenges of operating and assuring large-scale IT services. Greg brings more than 20 years of executive leadership with high-growth companies.. Prior to Zenoss, Greg served as Chairman and CEO of Vovici, transforming the company into the leading provider of Voice of the Customer (VoC) SaaS solutions. Under his leadership, Vovici experienced explosive growth and was acquired by Verint-Systems in July 2011. Before Vovici, Greg served as President and CEO of Mirage Networks based in Austin, TX. During his tenure, Greg led the company from its first customer win to securing more than 600 customers in 40 countries and secured more than $37 million in funding. Mirage was acquired by Trustwave in February 2009. Early in his career, Greg held leadership positions at Vastera, Manugistics, Chrysler Motors and IBM Corporation. Greg holds M.B.A. and B.S. degrees from the Pennsylvania State University.
Rick Cobb
Rick has 25 years of experience building innovative, high-growth software companies known for the quality of their employees and commitment to customer success. His background includes deep international expertise in commercial and government sales, customer support, professional services, business development and marketing as well as overall technology company operations. Throughout his career, Rick has worked extensively with venture capital, angel and strategic investors, built and managed boards of directors and engaged in M&A. Prior to joining AgileCraft, he led a successful turn-around as CEO of an In-Q-Tel backed software firm in Location and Geospatial Intelligence. Rick is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where he was a varsity wrestler.
Hunter Nelson
Hunter is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Crane Nelson, a private equity firm focused on investments with enterprise values between $100-250 million located primarily in North America. Prior to forming Crane Nelson with Jim Crane, Hunter was a partner of The Sterling Group, a private equity company in Houston, where he remains an advisory partner. He joined Sterling in 1989 following the sale of Fiber Industries, where he had served as Vice President of Administration and General Counsel. He is currently on the board of Dexter Axle and has served on the boards of Roofing Supply Group, Propex, Panolam, Sterling Diagnostic Imaging and Sterling Chemicals. Previously he was a partner in the law firm of Andrews & Kurth LLP, which he joined in 1979. At Andrews & Kurth, Hunter specialized in mergers and acquisitions, securities and corporate finance, and general corporate law. Hunter received his B.B.A. in accounting and J.D. with honors from The University of Texas at Austin.
Jim Crane (Board Advisor)
James Robert "Jim" Crane is Chairman and CEO of Crane Capital Group, the majority shareholder and is the owner and Chairman of MLB team the Houston Astros. Crane Capital Group currently invests in transportation, power distribution, real estate and asset management. Its holdings include Crane Worldwide Logistics, a premier global provider of customized transportation and logistics services with 75 offices in 21 countries, and Champion Energy Services, a retail electricity provider. Previously, Jim was Founder, Chairman and CEO of Eagle Global Logistics, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed global transportation, supply chain management and information services company, from 1984 until its sale in August 2007. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Safety from Central Missouri State University and serves on the Board of Directors of Western Gas Holdings, LLC, a subsidiary of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. Jim is a financial supporter of The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and was ranked as the nation's top CEO golfer by Golf Digest in 2006.

We team up with the leading transformation experts who specialize in scaling agility because we realize that the expertise that our partners offer is a critical part of a customer's success. By leveraging our global partners, AgileCraft is able to offer superior training, coaching and consulting services. Our partners ensure a true marriage of your technology and process which is a key to achieving agile at scale.  At AgileCraft we understand that success at scale requires good process and good technology.



WE THINK Simple Is Better


Scale Up Your Business, Pay Less And Get More.


We want to get you the most value for the best price.  With our all-in-one pricing you get complete portfolio, program and team capabilities with the most innovative agile platform on the market.  For team members who just need the basics you pay just $9 per month per user.  If you are skeptical take AgileCraft for a test drive and we think you will agree.

Note that organizations using team tools from Atlassian, Rally, Version One, etc. with AgileCraft pay three dollars per month per user for all managed users who do not have a full AgileCraft license.

Some restrictions apply, minimum annual subscription required, volume discounts & on premise pricing available.




News and Events

June 2nd, 2015
Webinar With Dean Leffingwell
Please join us for an action-packed hour on "Scaling Agility Up and Across Your Organziation". This session will cover ways to more effectively scale agile to your enterprise. We will tackle common challenges with scaling agility and discover ways that SAFe and AgileCraft are geared to help you scale agile across your organization...
April 1st, 2015
AgileCraft Announces 2015 Conference Lineup
    April 3rdMile High Agile 2015Denver
    May 4th-6thGlobal SCRUM GatheringPhoenix
    May 8thKeep Austin Agile 2015Austin
    June 4thMind The ProductSan Francisco
    June 7th-12thAgile Development WestLas Vegas
    Aug. 3rd-7thAgile 2015Washington DC
    Oct. 11th-13thPMI Global ConferenceOrlando
    Oct. 19thSouthern Fried AgileCharlotte
    Nov. 3rd-5thAtlassian Summit 2015San Francisco
    Nov. 8th-13thAgile Dev EastOrlando

March 24th, 2015
AgileCraft Adds Zenoss CEO Greg Stock to its Board
AgileCraft, the innovative provider of software for scaling agile to the enterprise, announced today that is has added Greg Stock, chief executive officer of Zenoss Inc. to the company’s board of directors ...
March 9th, 2015
AgileCraft Adds Two New Members to its Board
Former Bank of America Executives are Latest to Join Growing Enterprise Software Company. Jim Kelly, former chief information officer of Bank of America and Tim Arnoult, former president of global technology and operations for Bank of America have been appointed to the company's board of directors...

February 19th, 2015
AgileCraft Secures $10 Million in Series A Funding
AgileCraft, the innovative provider of software for scaling agile to the enterprise, today announced it raised $10 million in Series A financing led by private equity firm Crane Nelson. The round included participation from former Bank of America senior executives Jim Kelly and Tim Arnoult...
February 3rd, 2015
AgileCraft Featured in Inc. Magazine
Most aspiring entrepreneurs face a dilemma. They want to start a new business but they don't want to give up their jobs--and the security of their paychecks--until they absolutely have to. On the other hand, launching a successful company is consuming enough without combining it with full-time employment...

Press inquiries, please contact: 1-844-222-4453 Ext 704

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At AgileCraft, we are passionate about building a team of highly intelligent problem solvers who love to have fun at work while solving important issues for customers. We are based in Austin but we run a remote office and hire around the world. If you rock, come join us!
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